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    Ilkka J. Rasi

    Thanks for the great article.

    A question regarding step 6 "If your application requires any parameters to be set...".

    How do I set a Data Flow Parameter into my Data Flow so that it will be available in the Web Data Connector? I'm thinking about having a string parameter in the HTTP-node in my Data Flow which I could change through the WDC interface.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Rocco Pigneri

    Dear Ilkka,

    Great to hear that you were able to get this to work by putting 'wdc' in the Data Flow propery name.  I just wanted to share that result here so others could find it.

    Thanks for sharing the result!


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    Holger Schimanski

    I would be interested to see a way to publish data from Dataverse as a data source to a Tableau server.

    Currently with 3.1.4 you can create Tableau Extracts with Dataverse to be then used by Tableau Desktop client. Lavastorm could create an Dataverse output node, which uses the Tableau Server REST API to publish this as a datasource on a Tableau Server. That would be great, because users than could pick this datasource from the Tableau Server then to create their visualizations and analysis.

    Did you have something like this on our roadmap for Dataverse?

    Best regards

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    Adrian Williams

    Hello Holger,

    we currently do not have a Tableau REST API publishing node as a candidate on our roadmap. Looking at the REST API it seems it can be used to upload a .twbx file to a Tableau Server and publish it as a data source using a custom node based on the Dataverse HTTP node. The .twbx uses a Tableau proprietary file format that is a compressed file containing the data source file, the Tableau Workbook file and other artefacts used to create the workbook.



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    Holger Schimanski

    Maybe have a look at the Tableau SDK https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/api/sdk/en-us/help.htm

    "The Tableau SDK contains a set of functions for creating extracts and for publishing extracts to a Tableau Server."

    I guess you already use the Tableau SDK in the "Tableau Output" node in Dataverse to create the .tde files in Dataverse.

    What is missing is the "Upload to Tableau Server" node, which you should be able to create with the same Tableau SDK.

    Best regards

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