Using the Python-based Transform Node




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    How do we import an excel column data into a python list?

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    Adrian Williams (Edited )

    You can use the Excel File node to import data from an Excel workbook. Once you have imported the data you can use a transform node and create a list to hold the required values from the input records. The creation of the list variable is best done in the ConfigureFields script as this is a one-time activity that can be performed before any records are processed. The field values from the records are appended to the list when each record is processed. If you need to perform some processing only when all values have been added to the list you can check the value of the built-in node.lastExec variable. For example:

    Note, the above example is only meant to show how to build a list object from input field values. The Aggregate node would provide a simpler way to determine the minimum value of a field.

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